3 Easy DIY Wedding Favours

Looking for some easy and affordable takeaways that your guests will really love? These homemade tokens of appreciation are sure to surprise and delight. (Click the image sources below to go to the recipes and/or DIY instructions.)

Build your own “love is brewing” take-home bags of loose tea or coffee. Take from your garden or buy in bulk, and then assemble in a custom bag of your choosing.


Photo Courtesy of Ruffled

Send your guests home with a make-your-own cocktail nightcap. For a mojito, include a mini bottle of liquor, fresh mint, a couple of sugar cubes, a muddler and a cocktail or shot glass. (You may also want to include a drink recipe for the mojito virgins in your group.)


Photo Courtesy of PRWeddingPlanner

Candles can be made from recycled materials and natural ingredients – making them super budget-friendly. Tweak the recipe to infuse herbs (or a fragrance of your choice) and get creative with the containers. (Don’t know what to do with Grandma’s old teacup collection?)


Photo Courtesy of Ruffled


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