3 Gorgeous Alternatives to the Floral Table Runner

If you’re working on a limited budget and don’t want to allocate for fresh floral table runners, consider these charming DIY alternatives that will work for any wedding theme.

1. Fabric. Burlap, Hessian cloth, linen and lace – go simple or opt for outrageous prints. Dress it up with ribbons for a touch of Boho or piece together thrift-store macrame. (Quick tip – dye or bleach the macrame knit for a more uniform look.)

Image / Pinterest

2. Chalkboard-look. Use black felt or art paper and some white chalk markers for a smudge-free and whimsical table runner.

Image / BeautyFrosting

3. Daisy-chain paper or photos. If you’re book-lovers, use pages from old novels glued together for that black and white literary-inspired look. (Alternatively you can use music sheets or comic book pages depending on your personality.) Or print black and white photos of all your family, friends, and favourite celebratory milestones over the years. If you’re planning a Christmas wedding, consider using the image half of holiday cards for colourful and festive inspiration.

Image/ WeddingOMania

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