3 reasons why you should wear an engagement / mangagement ring

Engagement rings aren’t just for one unsuspecting bride. They’re for everyone! And, why not? Engagements are wonderfully, happy affairs. Flaunt your special love, my pretties. 

Photo Courtesy of Telegraph

Here are 3 reasons to help sway you to the engagement ring-wearing side.

Because you want to. Sound too easy? That’s because it is. If some small part of you thinks, hey, I’d like a ring too, then get one. It doesn’t have to be flashy (or even diamonds), it can be anything you want it to be. That’s the beauty of it. Go double-bands for the fetching stacked wedding ring look. 

It’s really not that weird. Seriously, you can both wear engagement rings. In some countries, it’s already tradition. (Like Brazil, Sweden, Argentina… ) It’s super exciting to see that more and more men (even the heteros!) are tearing down stereotypes and wearing engagement rings. Johnny Depp, Charlie Sheen, David Beckham, and Michael BublĂ©… just to name a few. 

You’re in it to win it. An engagement ring shows the commitment you have to your upcoming nuptials. It shows you’re taken, you’re spoken for, you’ve got a wedding on the horizon. It’s all so exciting, no? A double-proposal (not that you would need such a thing) that produces a betrothal ring for each of you adds to the unique specialness of the engagement. 

Engagement rings for everyone should totally be a thing. Everywhere.


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