3 Tips to Give your #Wedding Photographer

Same-sex weddings in Canada are hardly headline news anymore. (And thank goodness for that.) Most wedding photographers should have at least one same-sex wedding in their experience trunk to draw on when it comes to yours.  For the most part, you’re a couple in love, just like any other couple on their big day. You’ve got a gorgeous venue, you’re dressed to the nines, you’ve got family, friends, and hysterical shenanigans to capture. But there are a few differences for posing same-sex couples that your photographer might not have thought of. Here’s the top 3 tips given by couples who have been there:

1. The “don’t make us look like friends” tip. At the end of the day, they are photographing love, pure and simple, just as they would with any other wedding. Instead of using all standard and traditional poses, have your photographer take photos of you as you pose yourself. Smooch, hug, dance and dip. Do the things that you do together naturally and the love between you will blaze through.

2. The “read the family” tip. It’s possible that not all of your guests will be completely comfortable with your union. If Grandma is still on the fence and uncomfortable with stiff traditional poses, you’ll see it on her face for years to come. Choose natural poses that let your family be who they are.

3. The be equal and separate” tip. Each member of the couple is of equal importance. One of you should not dominate the other in photos. It is not just the bride’s day, it could be the brides’ day! If both brides are in white gowns, allow a little separation in the photo in order to better show off the details of the two dresses. Otherwise you might end up with photos of a two-headed white gown blob. Same goes for black tuxedos or suits.

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