3 Ways to Keep Costs down for your Wedding Day

We all know that weddings are expensive these days. But planning your big day doesn’t have to break the bank and put you into debt. Here are the top 3 expenses of every wedding and solutions on how to keep those costs down.

1. Use dresses/suits you already own. Or at least buy ones that you’ll wear again. You can have a talented seamstress friend make some changes (think Andie’s prom dress from Pretty in Pink, only nice) or borrow an outfit from an already married friend.

Image / ragstocouture

2. Use an iPod playlist at the reception or ask band friends to help out. Same goes for photography.

Image / Offbeatbride

3. Find an affordable venue that will rent just the space. Maybe you have family or friends with a big piece of property? Shop around for affordable caterers, or bring in food trucks. Another alternative is to keep your guest list small and in lieu of gifts, have each guest bring their favourite dish from their culture. If people are your priority, they will understand and may even be jazzed about attending a couture or rustic potluck wedding.

Image / WeddingElation

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