3 Wedding Food Trends set for 2018

Fantastic looking food has become a way of life. If it looks good and it tastes even better, then it’s the perfect choice for your wedding. It helps if it’s Instagram worthy as well.  DIY food stations, food trucks and plated meals were huge trends in 2017, but what do you have to look forward to in 2018? We’ve got the top 3 trends for reception meals to please every palate and wow your guests.  

1. The Great Gatsby Garden Party Foods. Think finger foods like stuffed mushrooms, roasted nuts, oysters Rockefeller, tea sandwiches, pastry pigs and plenty of oranges and lemons. Baked ham and champagne towers are a must as well.

Image / Thymeonmyside

2. (Viking Inspired) Rustic Family-Style Eats. We’re talking homemade jams, jellies, breads and wood-fired hearths for slow-cooked meats. Add platters of buttered root vegetables, sharp cheese, welcome greens paired with sweet fruits and nuts and then wash it all down with jugs of your finest mead. 

Image / DailyMail

3.  Raw Vibrant and local Colour. You don’t have to be vegan to enjoy brightly coloured fruits and vegetables. Welcome to the plant-based menu, plus lots and lots of wine. Think summer squash lasagna with rich tomatoes and pesto, or a hearts of palm ceviche topped with edible flowers.  Nut-smoked cheeses and mushrooms along with zucchini noodles and sweet corn. Sounds good, right?

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