It’s common knowledge that the idea of that perfect day can get pretty pricey. There are tons of ways to cut costs while planning a wedding, but there are a few things worth spending the extra money on.

Lights can transform the venue from something simple to something spectacular with colours, patterns, textures, and movements. It can highlight favourite details like the centerpieces or be used to hide less-than-desirable aspects about the venue like dingy flooring. By focusing patterned lights on the walls or spotlights on features the couple wishes to enhance, small details they want to be unnoticed remain that way.

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A photo booth, a martini bar, a hayride—the options are endless. Couples can show their individuality and treat the guests to an unexpected fun activity that is entirely their own. The activity can be something that complements the wedding’s theme or something silly that just makes people laugh. As long as the couple has fun with it, guests will enjoy it too.

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Adding a late night snack table to a wedding is a fabulous way of not only taking care of midnight munchies, but also telling guests that the couple is thinking about them. Splurging on this allows the couple to have a little more fun, no matter what theme their wedding is. Food trucks are becoming a big trend and can be hired to arrive at the wedding venue at a specified time in the late evening. Some venues offer a late night option that consists of various snack foods, or a local pizza joint can be called for delivery. It also creates a satisfying note for the evening to end on.

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Leah Morrison is a Toronto-based writer who loves boating and Oreos. You can follow her on Twitter, Instagram and her blog.

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