4 DIY Wedding Decorations for every Budget

There are some of you out there who don’t want to get your hands dirty when it comes to planning your big day. Perhaps you have a healthy budget and money is no object. To you, we say, please invite us to your wedding. For everyone else, keeping a wedding budget in check can be a difficult thing to do. Finding ways to cut costs means digging in and doing it yourself when you can. DIY decorations doesn’t have to mean crayons and glue sticks. Even those with the least amount of artistic talent can pull these ideas off.

Table Numbers – a can of fabulous gold/silver glitter spray and voila.


Photo Courtesy of ConfettiDayDreams

Mood Lighting – use glow-in-the-dark paint or break open some glow sticks in mason jars to create this awesome look.


Photo and DIY Instructions courtesy of 500px

Paper Fan wall feature – coloured paper, nimble fingers and a pair of scissors is all you need for this project.


Photo Courtesy of StoryMixIdeas

Take-away button heart hankies – match buttons to your colour motif and keep them right next to a jar of dinglehoppers. (For your mermaid fans.)


Photo Courtesy of Poptasticbride

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