5 Adorable Guest Book Alternatives

As a non-traditional traditionalist, I understand the desire to want to make your wedding completely your own, with little details that show-off your personality. A guest book is the perfect way to do just that. Moving away from the traditional photo book with lined pages for messages from guests, these alternatives will ensure that your guest book will put your quirks on display and give you and your significant other a perfect keepsake.

  1. Tree of Hearts


(Photo courtesy of TotallySalinda/Etsy)

This wood tree is made of individual hearts that your guests can sign and leave personal messages on. This tree can be customized to include the couple’s names, and a small pair of love birds hidden within the heart leaves is an adorable and romantic touch.

  1. Message in a Bottle


(Photo courtesy of The Knot)

Instead of signing a book, guests can write message on individual pieces of parchment and leave them for you in a bottle. You can even turn it into a fun activity by asking your guests to get creative and leave you with fun and unusual date night ideas. Then, on your next date night, you and your spouse can choose one message from the bottle, and you must complete that activity. Depending on the size of your wedding, this can give you date night ideas for years to come.

  1. Up in the Air


(Photo courtesy of BrillianIdea/Etsy)

For couples who enjoy a bit of whimsy in their lives, this is the guest ‘book’ for you. This frame features a silhouetted kissing couple, each holding a stack of balloons. Each guest will get their own sticker to sign and place within the photo. This also provides the newly married couple with a fun keepsake they can display in their home.

  1. Build Memories


(Photo courtesy of Mazel Moments)

Turn guest sign-ins into a fun game by using a game of Jenga. You can request that guests leave you general messages of well wishes, date night ideas, or pieces of advice for your marriage on individual blocks. These completed messages can be kept in a vase (as shown above) to display in your house, or you and your new spouse can actually use the pieces in your own game of Jenga, reading each message as you go along.

  1. Map it Out


(Photo courtesy of Wedding Chicks)

For the jet-setting couple, a map is a creative and fun way for guests to leave you messages at your wedding. You can mark out the places you have visited together and guest can leave messages with tips on where you should travel next and what you should see while there. As with many of the other alternative guest books, this is another keepsake you can display in your house and update through your travels.

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