5 Fabulous Gay-Friendly Venues for your Toronto Wedding

Toronto is home to Canada’s largest gay community and welcomes people from all different walks of life. It might just be the perfect location for your destination wedding.  

Photo Courtesy of Canadian Virtual Gurus

Toronto is also home to The Gay Village or more commonly just “The Village” nestled within the downtown core. It’s a predominantly gay neighbourhood centered at the intersection of Church and Wellesley Streets with a small town vibe. Packed with cafés, restaurants, gay-oriented shops and a vast array of hot bars and nightspots, it’s an urban destination for the city’s art and culture scene. In addition to the Village, there’s also “Queer” Street West several blocks away that offers a more relaxed attitude where gender and sense of self are more fluid and less defined. But wherever you land in Toronto, wicked fun is meant to be had.

Here are five Toronto venues to make your wedding dreams come true.  

The Boulevard Club – 1491 Lake Shore Blvd. West


Photo Credit: © Laura Jane Photography

Hotel Ocho – 195 Spadina Avenue


Photo Credit: © Avenue Photo

The Great Hall – 1087 Queen Street West


Photo Courtesy of Torontoist

The Old Mill – 21 Old Mill Road


Photo Courtesy of Oll Mill Toronto

The Vue – 195 Galaxy Blvd.


Photo Courtesy of TheVue

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