5 Tips for Renting a Limo on your Wedding Day

Renting a limo for your wedding is a beautiful way to travel in style. And pampering yourself with a delicious ride on the big day is a route that many couples consider.


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But when it comes down to choosing a limo or car company for your wedding day, here are some tips keep in mind:

  1. Go and see the vehicle you want… in real life.  It may sound silly, but some couples book with a limousine company based on what they see in pictures on the internet. Just because the price is right, does not mean the limo is right for you. Go to the company and ask to see the specific limo of interest. Look inside. Ensure in your contract that the limo you are renting is the one that has the right colour and amount of seats.
  2. Check and recheck the schedule. Is your limo company dropping you off and picking you up from a number of places? If so, verify each time and place with the limo company. If there are many pick-ups and drop offs ensure that there is no extra charge. For your own sake, try to keep the pick-ups and drop offs as simple as possible.
  3. Is a gratuity for the limo driver included in the total amount? It’s common for couples to tip their limo driver for an excellent service. Find out the details of their tipping policy before the day of your wedding.
  4. Be sure you understand how long you have the limo. Limousines are sometimes rented for half a day or a period of time during the day. Requesting a longer time could mean a higher price. Speak to your limo company and check their offers against your needs.
  5. READ AND REREAD THE CONTRACT. Know what you’re signing. Ask questions, the limousine company is there to answer. Make sure you understand the terms and conditions of the limo rental. Above all, have a safe and wonderful wedding day and enjoy your limo ride!
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