5 Ways to Engage your Guests at your Wedding

It’s true, your wedding is all about you as a couple… except when it’s also about your guests. And keeping guests entertained can be a lot of hard work. A little imagination helps when it comes to showing your guests what they mean to you. Here are a few fun ideas that will be sure to let your guests know you value them and that they’re never far from your thoughts. 

For the Crybabies

Charming hankies for sweaty eyes. During your mesmerizing and heart-warming speeches, show your loved ones that you care if they soil their makeup.  (Or your wedding photos.)

Photo courtesy of Shelli Quintos

The Date Jar

After the wedding is over and your married life ensues, rest assured that you will never have to endure an evening of… “I don’t know, what do you want to do…?”  (Well, at least until the jar is empty.)

Photo Courtesy of Something Turquoise

Dancing shoes

Whether it be a basket of flip-flops, slippers, roll-up flats, or if you really want to test the limits of your friendships, fill a basket with plastic crocs. (Ooohhh get the kind you can bedazzle!)

Photo courtesy of Keylite Studio

The “Guest-eversary” List

Never miss the birthdays or anniversaries of your guests again. (Facebook stalking doesn’t give you everything you need… yet.) 

Photo Courtesy of Robyn Navarro Photography

The Video Booth

Nothing says outrageous par-tayyyy quite like the slow-mo video playback of your guests whooping it up. Consider props, lots and lots of props. (This is gold. F-O-R-E-V-E-R.)

Photo Courtesy of The Groom’s List

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