A Port-Tasting Wedding for the Wine Connoisseur

You don’t have to be a wine snob to consider a port-tasting party, but if you’re going to be snobby about wine, make it Port. A wedding celebration is the perfect place for a few bottles of Port wine, some dark chocolate, some hard cheese and maybe a cigar or two.  If you don’t know anything about Port, the best way to learn is to drink it. And where better to do that than with your favourite friends and family at a celebration centered around love, happiness and forever.

port tasting

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Port’s history goes back about 350 years, and is produced by adding brandy (or grape spirit) to (usually) red wine. This ups the alcohol content, but also preserves more of the natural sugars from the grapes by stopping the fermentation process. There are essentially three basic styles of Port; bottle-aged vintage; wood-aged reserve/late-bottled vintage; and wood-aged tawny.

If you’re already a veteran of the lost aperitif and digestif art, having a Port-tasting table after your wedding meal may not be enough. The wine connoisseurs can also considering making their own Port as wedding favours, or holding their receptions in an ample-sized wine bar or tasting room.


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Also, forget the pastry dessert table, instead add some dark chocolate with varying cocoa percentages along with some powerful complimentary cheeses for the port-tasting palettes.


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Your guests will sniff, swirl, and sip their way to an unforgettable wedding experience.


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