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Do you look at wedding gown photos and just think “meh”? There are tons of reasons why you might not be into the idea of a full-on wedding dress, and that’s totally ok. Maybe they’re just not your style. Maybe you feel like bucking the trend. Maybe you just can’t find one you love and you’re ready to look at other options. Whatever the deal, here are some equally stylish options:

The bridal suit

White, colourful, plain or textured, a tailored suit in place of a traditional gown can look extremely striking. The many options to choose from (cropped pants or wide leg? Blouse or no? Peak lapels? Skinny tie?) let you really showcase your own style. 

A jumpsuit or romper

A tailored jumpsuit makes an elegant statement, and like a two-piece suit, has many style options. From long, billowy sleeves, to sleek halter necklines, there’s a style for everyone. For an elopement or more casual beachside ceremony, a white romper can be cute too. Linen, lace or eyelet fabric can lend a breezier look, while more structured fabric can add a touch of elegance.

A two-piece set

We’ve seen some stunning looks featuring a matching blouse and skirt, or alternately, a blouse and pair of tailored pants. A high-waisted skirt and cropped shirt can be an unexpected, but equally gorgeous, look too. Think outside the box!

There are exactly zero rules saying you have to rock a gown on your wedding day. Have you or someone you know gotten married in an alternative outfit? Let us know in the comments!


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