An Accessorized Beard for your Wedding Day?

You might have thought that the #glitterbeard movement was just a fad for the holidays, but with bigger beards on the rise, it might just be here to stay. And not just glitter either, but a whole host of delightfully bizarre accessories.


Photo Courtesy of The Gay Beards on Instagram

OK, maybe it’s just those two guys trying to make it happen. But we’re definitely in a beard boom. Have you seen the new Beards of New York book by photographer, Greg Salvatori?

“In a world where privacy is scarce, and even your face is up for grabs thanks to facial recognition software, the beard makes a lot of sense. Whether dense and wiry, or soft and patchy, the open display of facial hair can be a comforting sign of old-time gender signifiers. It’s no wonder our trans male friends often celebrate the day when a full growth takes hold as a satisfying affirmation of gender.” –

If you’re considering an accessorized beard for your wedding day, check out this how-to glitter video by The Gay Beards. (And then send us the photos!)

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