‘Batgirl’ features the first transgender wedding in DC comic history

If you’re a DC Comics fan, you may enjoy reading Batgirl. A couple of years ago, in Batgirl issue #19, the heroine’s alter ego, Barbara Gordon, was engaged in some seriously personal chitchat with her roommate (and best friend), the lovely Alysia Yeoh. By the end of that page, Alysia had revealed that she’s a trans woman. A major milestone for mainstream comics.


Photo courtesy of DC Comics Via Art Threat

Fast forward to issue #45 (released October 28, 2015) and it’s a special issue covering Alysia’s wedding to long-time GF, Jo!


Photo Courtesy of DC Comics via Comicosity

So, how does a trans comic bride get married? With tons of smooching, BFF’s, action, and the sweetest outpouring of love imaginable. (Just like any other wedding!)


Photo Courtesy of DC Comics via Bleeding Cool Comics


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