Beat the Heat on your Wedding Day

Doesn’t matter where you are in the country, summer is hot. ‘Cause it’s summer. It’s supposed to be. If you have a summer wedding planned, here’s a few ideas to help prepare you and your guests to stay cool on your big day.

Parasols, a fancy sort of umbrella, or fans, will keep your guests from falling over in the heat. 


Photo Credit: © Katie Day Photography

A hydration station. Make sure there is plenty of H20 available to keep everyone hydrated.


Photo Courtesy of Couples on Cakes

Hose down pavements, concrete and brick to dispel any heat from bouncing back in your face. (Or use watering cans to minimize any hose shenanigans.)


Photo Courtesy of Edric Hsu via Flickr

Misting stations. Because why shouldn’t guests feel like they’re at the spa?


Photo Courtesy of Top Wedding Sites


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