Boutonniere Alternatives

When it comes to the boutonniere, gents are tending to move away from the traditional and opting for more fun alternatives.  Here are a list of some of my favourite boutonniere alternatives for today’s grooms.

1. The Feather

pomp and plumage on etsy

image courtesy of Pomp & Plumage

The feather is a great little change and adds a certain old school charm and includes some great texture and patterns to the usual flower in the pocket.  I personally also love the added charm and twine.

2. The Key

project wedding

image courtesy of Project Wedding

Adding a little vintage feel, and the key to your partners heart, this alternative is simple and elegant.  The ornate design of the key already adds all the details and charm you could need.

3. The Sea Shell

style me pretty

image courtesy of Style Me Pretty

For those who are planning a beach wedding, or even a destination wedding, using a seashell as an alternative is simple, elegant and light hearted.  It brings the beach (and presumably the decor) right to the reception.

4. Vintage

upcycled treasures

image courtesy of Upcycled Treasures

This gorgeous little design is a mixture of wonderful vintage elements of twine, feathers, burlap and antique buttons. Ideal for those with a vintage or “cottage” style feel to their wedding theme.

5. The Sugar Skull


image courtesy of Ruffles and Rouge

This is my personal favourite, as it’s definitely along the lines of the kind of Wedding I hope to have one day!  The Sugar Skull, a symbol used for the Day of the Dead celebrations, a celebration of life, loved ones and those who have passed. This celebration explodes with colour and whimsical charm and is a great little twist on a wedding theme!


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