Bring a Deep Breath to your Big Day

Wedding day jitters are completely natural, not that you have any of those. But a little pre-wedding Yoga can help de-stress and give you a boost of energy to get through all the planning and <ahem> partying. Besides, it’s good for your body and a great habit to start.

If you’ve never tried yoga, it can be a little intimidating in the beginning. Start slow with simple poses.


Upward Facing Dog Pose – Photo Courtesy of Breaking Muscle”

Feel the stretch and remember to breathe. Look, even the little green plastic army men are doing it. Yoga is fun! (No, really.)


Photo Courtesy of Yoga Joes

With a little practice, you can then get into all the fancy super-bendy stuff. (You’ll be healthy and a hit at dinner parties.)


Photo Courtesy of Dr. Prem

Consider joining a local class to keep you accountable to your health and ensure that you’re performing the poses correctly without risk or injury. But mostly, just loosen up and have some fun.

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