Building an Emergency Wedding Kit

Every couple imagines their big day going off without a hitch, but what will you do if something goes wrong and you don’t have the tools to fix it? Enter the emergency wedding kit. And why not? I say embrace your preparedness and then bedazzle the heck out of it.


Here’s a few suggestions to get you started, but go ahead and personalize to suit your own needs.

1. Double-sided fashion tape. Your wedding is not the place for a major wardrobe malfunction. It also keeps wandering body parts in check.

2. Stain remover. Drinks will be spilled and meatballs will fly. A little Tide-to-Go will keep you spiffy all day and night.

3. Translucent powder. You know, for shine, in the photos.

4. Gatorade. Think electrolytes. Getting through your wedding day is an Olympic event. You’re a champion athlete going into battle, gosh dang it, you need to stay hydrated.

5. Protein Bars. Most couples forget to eat during the day and then when it’s Macarena time, they’ve only got spaghetti arms. Eat protein, and show off those dance moves.

6. Breath freshener. Your guests will thank you.

7. Pepto Bismol. The chewy kind. Less potty, more party.



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