Canada Day Pride, Eh?

Recent data from Statistics Canada suggests that national pride runs high across the country, even if Canadians don’t always agree on what makes them proud to be Canadian. But their survey did identify certain values shared among us, with human rights and respect for the law taking the top spots at 92 percent.


Photo Courtesy of Hillnotes

Our community knows pride well. We’ve fought hard to be proud, and sometimes we’ve had to dig really deep for it. As a country we have our fair share of problems, but on the whole we are an amazing country of tolerance, acceptance and peace. We’re proud of that and we’ll protect that pride.


Photo Courtesy of Halifax Media Coop

What’s so incredibly awesome about Canada Day, is that not only do we get to celebrate our great nation, but we get to do it side-by-side with all Canadians, no matter who, what, when, why, and how they are. If Canadian blood runs through your veins, that’s all you need to stand shoulder to shoulder with other Canadians today. Because for today… we’re all the same. We’re Canadian.  #sorrynotsorry

Photo Courtesy of SavvyMom

Photo Courtesy of SavvyMom

So get out there, raise your flag (Canadian or otherwise) and spread some love.



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