Celebrate a heart-filled wedding on St. Valentine’s Day

It’s one of the most romantic days of the year. Remember the old days when Valentine’s Day would come around at school? You young’uns may not remember the day, but once upon a time most of the cards we made were non gender-specific. We spent days drawing, painting and glittering-up brown paper bags that we’d tape to our desks in order to anonymously receive our special cardboard-cutouts of love. There was so much potential. So much excitement. So much possibility. <sigh> 

Photo Courtesy of Wonderful Wonder Blog

And that’s where I like to stop reminiscing about that.  The after was never as good as the possibilities of before. Most of us were children in a world that just wasn’t ready for us. But now we’re older and have the opportunity to take St. Valentine’s Day back. And what better way to absolve our broken childhood hearts then with a Valentine’s Day themed wedding? Oh, the fun to be had.

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