Today is a celebratory day here in Canada, for those of us who are under the LGBTQ umbrella.

On July 20th 2005 Canada became the first country outside of Europe, and the fourth in the World to legalize Gay Marriage!

While it is a great time to celebrate that we live in a society that has the freedom to be treated like equals, we can also celebrate that our neighbours over in the US have just received the same rights… even though there seems to be a few struggles with this by some of the government officials who are still refusing to give marriage licences.

But for those few people, and their idea that we have a gay agenda… I have decided to share the Gay Agenda’s official documents found at the LGBTQ Headquarters… It was really hard getting passed the guards of their Majesty’s guards… and by “their Majesty’s” I mean Madonna and Elton John.

But here it is… let the world know we have an agenda…

But all jokes aside, we are lucky to live in a Country that celebrates diversity. There is a still a lot of work to do in the world regarding all of this and many who don’t have nearly a fraction of the rights we have. But in time, that will come.

But for now, let’s celebrate our freedom and also a happy anniversary to the first same sex couple to be married in Canada, Michael Leshner and Michael Stark. The image below is from The Star who have done a great article on the boys’ anniversary, so head over and give it a read.

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