We’re Celebrating Pride Month

We’re well into the most exciting month of the year: Pride Month! It’s also the official start of Wedding Season, which makes June twice as exciting for us at Canada Gay Weddings. 

Pride month is all about support. Not only do members of the LGBTQ+ community get together to support one another, allies from around the world rally to show love and support for anyone who identifies as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or queer. 

Celebrating Pride in Canada

In Canada, we’re especially proud! We’re proud that we were one of the first countries to accept gay marriage and we’re proud to be one of the most gay friendly countries in the world, with an abundance of LGBTQ+ areas and communities for people to enjoy all year round.  

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For Canadians celebrating pride this month, we want to let everyone know that even after the rainbow flags come down there are always places to turn to in the Canadian LGBTQ+ community. You deserve to feel supported and loved all year long, not only during Pride month. 

So to keep the love flowing, we wanted our readers to connect with the same incredible LGBTQ+ organizations that have helped Canada Gay Weddings over the years. 

Pflag, for peer support

If you or your partner are ever feeling alienated or alone, Pflag Canada is proud to be Canada’s only national organization that offers peer-to-peer support striving to help all Canadians with issues of sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression. 

The 519, for local resources

The 519 is a Toronto organization dedicated to advocacy for the inclusion of LGBTQ communities. If you want to get more involved in the Toronto Pride scene, outside of the Pride parade, The 519 can help you discover upcoming events and meet great people in the community.

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CGLCC, for queer business networking

If you, your partner or your family have your own business and want to become part of the growing LGBTQ+ business community, CGLCC (the Canadian Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce) connects LGBTQ+ business owners and professionals with the rest of the gay-friendly business scene.

Egale, for a better more inclusive future 

And lastly, if you want to get active in the politics of LGBTQ+ rights, Egale works to improve the lives of LGBTQ+ people in Canada and to enhance the global response to LGBTQ+ issues. Learn how you can get involved in informing public policy, inspiring cultural change, and promoting human rights through community engagement.

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