Choosing A Wedding Date

Some couples struggle with which month to get married in. The best advice we can offer is to work backwards.

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Where do you want to go on your honeymoon? Depending on where you want to go in the world could have an impact on the date you choose. In some countries weather might be a factor. Make sure it isn’t hurricane season, winter (New Zealand) it’s too hot, or the height of some festival or event. If you are staying in the same country, what is the best month to get away from work and what are your holiday allowances?  If you are planning a destination wedding, consider your guests schedules. Know a lot of teachers? You may be restricted to school holidays. You might want to consider your own work holiday allowances.


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When do the flights leave? Make sure that you are not leaving the day after the wedding, that can be far too stressful. Add a day of sleep and lounging after the big day and spend some extra time with any guests who have travelled long distances to join you on your big day.

You might also want to work out a preliminary budget, including everything you’ll spend on the wedding (and then add a $3,000 float) and workout how long it might take to save/pay off the budget so that you’re not left with a large debt in the first year of your marriage.

Choosing a venue can also have an impact on your date. Do you have a favourite venue in mind? A quick tally of the number of guests and a call to that venue can determine their availability for the size of your wedding.


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Ultimately, your favourite season will probably sneak its way into your decision-making. If you’ve always envisioned an outdoor summer wedding, then that’s what you need to have.

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