Choosing Food Stations over Plate Service

One of the trend shifts for this year has been to choose a variety of food stations over traditional plate service for the wedding meal. Food stations can be elegant or rustic depending on the overall theme of your wedding. This trend also sees a change from round tables to long, rectangular tables that offer a more communal and family-style feel to them.

Food stations are typically grouped by type and spread out around the room in a marketplace feel offering a good flow of traffic, rather than the buffet table congestion that comes to mind. Chefs can attend the different stations preparing food for the guests. With food stations, you can completely customize the offerings to your guests including cultural stations as well as traditional North American fare.


Photo Courtesy of Pinterest

Whether it’s a raw seafood bar, a gnocchi bar, an oyster bar, or a taco bar, food stations allow guests to mingle and can still provide a formal feel to your overall wedding.

If you’re planning a small venue with a less than formal theme, consider bringing in the food trucks. :)

food truck

Photo Credit: © Ed Peers Photography

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