Choosing Your Wedding Vendors

Unlike a birthday party or an annual corporate event, a wedding usually only happens once in your lifetime and therefore you should carefully consider the vendors you’re about to hire for your special day.  Unfortunately as an LGBT couple you need to be even MORE careful in your vendor selection because even though businesses cannot discriminate based on sexual orientation, it doesn’t mean that everyone is open and affirming, an advocate for LGBT weddings. ANY and EVERY couple should seek out vendors who are genuinely excited and happy to be part of the marriage. Here are 3 things that I feel you should keep in mind when choosing a good wedding vendor.

– INCLUSIVITY: does their website and other marketing material remain gender neutral and remove the assumption that all potential clients are going to be straight couples? You can tell this by the kinds of stories they share, the forms you’re asked to fill in (i.e. bride’s name, groom’s name), images used (all straight weddings?) When you call the company, do they assume that you’re marrying the opposite sex? If the person you’re talking to is inclusive ask about the other staff you and yours would be working with on the wedding day. The person who conducts the sale may be fantastic but if their staff isn’t screened, this could present an issue on the wedding day

– PROFESSIONAL: does your wedding vendor belong to a professional organization? A professional association encourages ongoing education, the right kind of insurance, as well as sustainable pricing to ensure that the person you hire is still in business by the time your wedding comes around. A sustainable business model would indicate a company that ready and able to take on your wedding day with confidence vs. a wedding vendor that doesn’t do any of the above. We touched on the fact that your wedding is a ‘once in a lifetime’ event, don’t cut corners with your vendors.

– EXPERIENCED: there are many many many different things that happen on a wedding day with regards to timing and flow, people management, task management, etc. Hiring a wedding vendor who has plenty of experience with regards to their product or service will benefit you greatly! They may be able to anticipate potential issues and help you to avoid them and on the wedding day, anything unforeseen can be dealt with quickly and professionally likely without you even knowing! Experience comes with working.
Planning your upcoming wedding? Congratulations! Feel free to navigate this website to help you find inclusive, professional and experienced wedding vendors to help you pull together your wedding day.


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