Choosing Your Wedding Wine

A lot of toasting will happen at your wedding. A lot. Wine is really good for that. Wine is also good for washing down your meal and cleansing your palette between courses. It’s also good for doing laundry, vacuuming, and all-around general lazing about. (Or maybe that’s just us.)

Before you start the hunt for your perfect wedding wines, here are five tips to help you through the decision process.


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1. Establish your budget upfront. Your heart may want a different wine with every course but your wallet might only agree to mixing it up when it comes to desert. If your guests are all savvy wine connoisseurs, be sure to keep their glasses full with a quality wine.

2. Consider local. Working with a local winery might allow you a better deal, and there are plenty of grape varieties that work best in our climate and local growers have championed these grapes into world-class wines. Shopping local doesn’t sacrifice quality for affordability.

3. Offer versatility. We know what your wallet is saying, but having a little sparkle for toasting and appetizers, a light, food-friendly white & red for the meal, and then moving on to the full-bodied heavies is practically wedding wine law. (We think. Or at least, it should be. Somewhere.)

4. Use different size glasses for the different wines. Certain wines are designed to be enjoyed from specifically shaped glass. Get the most out of your wines by ensuring that you’re using the correct glassware to serve your guests.

5. Don’t run out. (See Tip #1)

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