Create a Stunning Wedding Backdrop with Living Walls

Flower walls are adding new heights of beauty to weddings these days—and even offering the ability to bring staggering summer beauty into the chill of a winter event… and vice versa.


Photo Courtesy of Pinterest

It need not just be summer blooms though, a living wall of greens can create a gorgeous backdrop to any colour scheme. For the budget conscious, consider using grasses and ivy.

living wall

Photo Courtesy of Bridal Expo Chicago

Using succulents can create a double-duty wall that stores wedding favours. Guests can pluck their favourite from the living wedding-favour-wall on the way out.

You don’t even have to use real flowers. For the really crafty DIYer, you can use tissue, paper, or a combination of the two—creating your own flowers is a brilliant budget-saver and the result can be a statement that is just as breathtaking. Click the image below to find the DIY instructions from dream, create.

flower wall

Photo Courtesy of dream, create

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