Curl your Toes into the Uncommon Shoe

If you’re the kind of person who takes pride in their closet, then a traditional out-of-the-box wedding shoe might not be your thing. A great love of shoes doesn’t have to scream obsession—unless you’ve strongly debated between spending your paycheck on rent or on a new pair of shoes, or if your life long goals include planning your own dream walk-in shoe closet—but it does, however, scream savvy fashion sense.

And let’s face it, this is your wedding we’re talking about. You need a shoe that demonstrates your unique sense of style, your flair for the fabulous, and your unyielding commitment to quality comfort and design. So why not something that’s been hand-painted with care? Check out these fancy performers for the inspiration to complete your gorgeous wedding day attire.


Photo Courtesy of Paul Parkman on Instagram

Made to order, these Paul Parkman’s Genuine Ostrich Captoe Oxford’s are a couture-level creation. The hand-painted patina finish will offer unique hues and colours to make your shoe-game strong.


Photo Courtesy of Desiree Design Works

Designer, Désirée Azzopardi, is the artist behind this one-of-a-kind shoe from Désirée Design Works – recently showcased at Malta’s (Central Mediterranean) first LGBT Wedding Fair at the Hotel Phoenicia. Désirée hand-paints every shoe, treating it like a fresh art canvas and then signs her name onto every pair.

Hom Nguyen is an incredibly talented artist and relative “new kid on the block” when it comes to the French Shoe Patina Artist scene. But Hom is a master genius on these shoes. The earthy rich colours and subtle paisley are both classy and unique – just like you.

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