Ditching traditions for a perfectly “you” wedding ceremony

Weddings represent a beautiful, wonderful milestone that you and your partner worked hard to reach. However, most modern weddings are confined to strict traditions about what to wear, what the wedding party should look like, and even what type of photos to take.

As a gay couple, here are a few ways you can turn tradition on its head, and create a moment and a ceremony, that is special for you and your soon to be spouse.

Ditch Fixed Gender constraints

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First, ditch the gender boundaries. Hetero weddings can be overly rigid when it comes to the wedding party. The bride has female bridesmaids all in dresses and the groom has male groomsmen all in suits. Switch things up a bit. Let ladies wear pantsuits, have men and women on both sides. Mix up not only genders but ages as well. No need for a flower girl, why not a flower nephew? Invite your pets to the ceremony and have them walk down the aisle with you. 

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Show your pride

Finally, don’t be afraid to be proud. Pride is such an important element of your story. On your wedding day, of all days, you will likely feel more pride that you ever have before. Don’t just go through the motions during your ceremony and repeat the traditional vows. Take the opportunity to share your authentic story.

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Make sure to incorporate your gratified to everyone in the room for always supporting you. Write your own vows, and incorporate a unique gesture. This will really help you make the moment your own. My husband and I bought matching watches and synchronized them during our ceremony, to signify starting a new life together as spouses. Everyone in the room was extremely moved.

This is your moment, this is your love, so make it as special as you are!

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