DIY Budget-Friendly Wedding Backdrops

The best weddings are the ones where the spirit, style, and essence of the couple to be wed are reflected in all of the details. One may argue that engagements are inconceivably long so that a large chunk of time can be spent searching and planning for those perfect details.

Sometimes, however, these details remain elusive. It can be almost impossible to truly capture the essence and uniqueness of every bride or groom. Seriously, what colour of ribbon screams chutzpah?

Custom-made items can be the solution. And having something custom-made does not automatically mean it’s custom-expensive.

Anything that you make with your own two hands (or four collectively) is unique and essentially a one-of-a-kind. You can create your entire space with the use of yarn and old curtains or tablecloths. For an intimate wedding, create breezy walls with by cutting old lace curtains or tablecloths in ivory, cream, beige or white to the same length and tying them to rods or sticks to create a romantic and vintage mood. 

Image / Pinterest

Use rolls of yarn in powerful colours to create a vibrant backdrop.

Image / TheKnot


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