DIY Lanterns for #PRIDEmonth and Wedding Centerpieces

Lanterns are an easy ways to introduce and enjoy ambient lighting in your wedding decor, while also creating gorgeous centerpieces, a welcome table accent or hanging decor. What’s not to love about double-duty items? Consider some DIY lanterns that are as original as you are. Don’t know the first thing about it? We got you.

If you’re local to Toronto, consider checking out the FREE Nuit Rose lantern making workshop this Saturday, June 16th as part of the #PRIDEmonth festival of events. In that workshop you’ll learn how to create a glowing butterfly lantern from bamboo and tissue paper, and be sure to stick around for the light parade. Find out more about that here. #PrideTO

If glowing insects aren’t your thing, and you’re looking for more traditional wedding decor, here’s a step-by-step tutorial for a simple, yet elegant DIY lace lantern. And get creative when watching these videos, you don’t have to hang it. Turn it upside down to place over candle holders. Or forget the lace and substitute in coloured twine for an earthy feel. The possibilities are endless.

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