DIY Wax Seals for your Wedding Invitations

Just because handwritten correspondence has almost entirely disappeared, doesn’t mean you can’t still practice the art of the personal seal. I mean, if it’s good enough for kings and queens… am I right?

Image / Etsy

You can buy a wax seal stamp that you love, or you can create your own. Use corks, dowels, or an old chess piece and carve your design into the bottom. Alternatively, you can carve your design onto clay and then glue it to the bottom of your wood piece. There are plenty of DIY videos to walk you through those processes. 

Image / Craft Phesine

With regard to setting the seal on your wedding invitations with your stamp, check out this video which shows a streamlined setup for plowing through a bunch of invitations. 

The wax seal isn’t just limited to your invitations either, you can incorporate it into your reception as well. 

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