#DIY #Wedding Cake Tutorial

Making your own wedding cake is not for the faint of heart. You must be brave, patient, have the time, and be fully committed to the process. Doing-it-yourself can lighten your budget and also give you a little extra pride in your accomplishment.

Image / Nylon

If this is something you’re considering, there are three things you need to understand going in. First, you need to start early. This gives you time to find the right equipment, hunt down the perfect recipe and, of course, practice… practice… practice.  (Bonus, you will eat an obscene amount of cake during this process.) 

Image / Washington Post

Second, make sure you get a good recipe. You want something tasty but also easy to work with. Baking is science and art. There are also plenty of online calculators that will let you know how much cake you need based on the number of guests. Really good recipes come with clear instructions and lots and lots of photos.

Thirdly, remember that you’ll likely be assembling under pressure. That happens. After all the test cakes at your leisure, the last cake will be made under pressure. It will be THE cake. Anticipate some nerves, but be confident in your skills. 


Photo Courtesy of Etsy

For a sweet how-to and recipe, check out this Etsy tutorial. 

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