Does it Matter which Finger for your Wedding Ring?

Um, heck no, why would it? Just because it’s a marriage doesn’t mean you have to be the same as everyone else. By the same token, just because it’s a same-sex marriage doesn’t mean you have to be different than everyone else. But you can be different, regardless of who you marry, if that’s how you want to roll. Many couples (even heterosexual ones) choose a finger other than the traditional ring finger of the left hand to wear their wedding rings, and for all sorts of different reasons. Religion, culture, anonymity… comfort.


Photo Courtesy of Max Diamonds

Choosing which finger to wear your wedding ring on is a purely personal choice between the couple. Do you want to make a political statement? Perhaps you see your marriage as different from a heterosexual marriage and want to choose the right hand for your rings to symbolize that difference. Or maybe you want to use the middle, index or pinkie finger for anonymity, or because you lost some fingers years ago in an intense Martha Stewart cupcake bake-off.


Photo Courtesy of Buzzfeed

We’ve even seen some couples wear their rings on completely different fingers. It’s really anything goes, no need to get hung up on traditions. Do whatever you want. Isn’t that awesomely freeing?

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