Don’t Forget the Marriage License

Sometimes with all the busy planning and excitement, a couple can forget to obtain the marriage license required to make their wedding actually legal. Some licenses are only valid for 90 days, so make sure you don’t apply too early. In some provinces there may be a waiting period, between application and issuance, so don’t leave it too late either.

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There are usually two types of weddings; religious and civil. Whichever route you choose, there will be paperwork to plow through. 

In Ontario, a marriage license can be downloaded from here, and then you will need to head to your city or town hall with 2 pieces of government-issue I.D. (one photo) and you’ll pay a fee to register it. The cost of the license varies depending which municipality you live in. ($125-$140)

In B.C., you’ll need to find a marriage license issuer in your area and then head on down to buy a license. It will cost you $100 with 2 pieces of government-issue I.D. Only one member of the couple need apply, however, you must have I.D. for both.

In Nova Scotia, you’ll need to contact your local deputy issuer to find out where and when you can buy your marriage (or domestic partnership) license. You’ll pay around $130 for the marriage license, or around $25 if you’re going the domestic partnership route. The I.D. requirements are the same and only one of you need apply.

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