Eloping: should you do it?

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At Canada Gay Weddings, we’re into elopements. Whether you’re choosing to get hitched on the fly to avoid politics or because it seems rakish and romantic (which, let’s be honest, it totally is), eloping can be a pretty great option. Here are some things to take into consideration if it’s on your to-do list:

You can still send announcements

Just because friends and family might not be part of your big day doesn’t mean you can’t keep them in the loop, if you want to. “We eloped” announcements are all the rage right now, and are a flirty but thoughtful way of letting your squad know where you really were last weekend and what your big news is.

Think about throwing an after party

Your closest friends and family members are likely to be excited for you! So keep the wedding fever going by throwing a reception or even a casual get together for those who support you. In keeping with the hassle-free theme, it can be as elaborate or as laid back as you want it to be. Pizza? Wine? Patio? We’re there!

Get ready to improvise

Whether you’re lining up at City Hall in your hometown or jetting of somewhere exotic, eloping sometimes means improvising. Get ready to make a bridal bouquet from convenience store flowers or hunt for a bowtie at Value Village. Some balloons from the dollar store might have to suffice for décor and a late night burger for fine catered fare, but that’s what makes it all fun, are we right?


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