Engaged? Now What? Planning Your LGBT Wedding

There are many resources available now for you and yours as you embark on planning your LGBT wedding. This website is one of them! With the internet offering you so many options you can almost become paralyzed by the choices available to you. Do not get overwhelmed. Start here, read some of our blog posts, check out our vendors and get a feel for what is out there for your wedding.

The first thing you might want to consider is to hire a Wedding Planner. An inclusive, experienced and professional wedding planner (link to blog on choosing your vendor) can help make more efficient use of your time. Something that comes at a premium these days right? Often in the beginning couples feel lost on how to start, when they should have things done by and hiring a pro can help take the guesswork and anxiety out of the process and put more of that fun back into it.

The second thing you could do is get a binder or an accordion file to start storing all of the information you are able to start collecting with regards to your wedding day. This should be something that is easy to use and has lots of storage in it for quick reference. You can get these items from your local office supply store or get something wedding specific from your local bookstore.

Thirdly, register for your own wedding email address so that you can intercept all wedding related email and put it in its own account so that you and yours can monitor it when you wish to instead of having to sort through work emails, personal emails and wedding emails to find what you need.

Lastly resist the temptation to crowd source your decisions on social media like Facebook or twitter i.e. ‘who should I hire to do my flowers?’ as many of the referrals that come your way may create you more stress in the end. They usually are not qualified leads for you (no budget considered, geographic location, style of the vendor, personality etc.) and can just send you down roads that you didn’t have to travel. Get a clear vision and once you make a decision, stick with it!

Planning your upcoming wedding? Congratulations! Feel free to navigate this website to help you find inclusive, professional and experienced wedding vendors to help you pull together your wedding day.


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