Fashion Trends for the Discerning Groom

Your groom may be quite happy to wear jeans and a hoodie on your big day, you may not be. But there’s good news with regard to groom attire. You no longer have the traditional restrictions of a basic tux or an off-the-rack suit. And while the attire should be appropriate for the venue and fit with the overall wedding vibe, there is some wiggle room for self-expression… and more than a little quirk.

Also, forget what we thought we knew about seasonal colour, it’s anything goes… at any time of year.


Photo Courtesy of My Wedding

Layers, textures, and old-school charm.


Photo Courtesy of Wedding Chicks

Floral, polka dots, checks… the patterns are endless.

groom 3

Photo Credit: Corina V Photography

And even all at the same time for a mismatched look.


Photo Courtesy of Queensland Brides

And say hello to the Cravat Ascot… again. (We’ve missed you.)


Photo Courtesy of Andrew Fuller

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