Gay Wedding Trends We Love for 2020!

Whether you want your wedding to be right on trend or against the grain, we have some great ideas for your 2020 wedding! First thing’s first, congrats on the engagement. With more LGBTQ couples getting married, there’s never been a better time to tie the knot.

Here are some top trends for gay and lesbian weddings that work well for cis and straight couples as well. 

Engagement rings for both partners

image via weddingbee boards

Why should only one person get to wear an engagement ring in the couple? We love the idea of having a double proposal or getting a ring for both women or both men. Being part of the LGBTQ community is all about equality, so why not be make things equal and each have a ring.

Alternatively, neither of you could wear an engagement ring and instead wait until the big day to exchange rings for the first time. Either way, we think the one sided engagement ring trend is headed out the door. 

Purple is the new pink 

image via weddingwire

In the LGBT flag, the colours each represent a virtue. Red represents life, orange is healing, yellow is sunshine and happiness, green is for nature, blue is for harmony, and finally purple represents spirit. In the original flag, pink represented sexuality! Just as pink was removed from the flag, we’re ready to remove pink from the wedding equation. We’ve seen enough pink ties, pink shoes and pink flowers for a lifetime. We love the idea of featuring a strong purple instead, representing your shared spirit and soul on your wedding day. 

Out with the old and in with the rustic

image via the wedding of my dreams

Weddings traditionally feature a lot of gold, silver and sparkle. Today, weddings for both gay and straight couples showcase a more weathered look. Rustic is the new chic and brass and copper tones have become more popular than gold and silver. We love the shift away from glitz and glammer to something more homey and natural. We expect to see a lot more of it in 2020. 

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