After you get Hitched go Honeymoon in Costa Rica

Costa Rica has always been a popular destination in Central America for LGBT travelers. If you’re planning a honeymoon and can’t decide between adventure and romance, choose Costa Rica. It includes both adventure and relaxation. There’s plenty of city action and jungles full of nature. Imagine yourself transported to a prehistoric earth with unblemished rainforests that hold 5% of the planet’s biodiversity. It’s true—relax in a hammock with 10% of the world’s butterflies lulling you to sleep. (Maybe not all at once though.)  

For travel information, tours and trip planning, check out the Costa Rica Gay Vacation and the Costa Rica Gay Map.  And also as an FYI, as of 2017, Costa Rica still doesn’t recognize same-sex marriages or civil unions, so it’s not an ideal destination for your wedding. 

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