Getting Wedding Fit By Lara Marq


It’s the final few months before your big day. Last few fittings, endless meetings with your planner and all your long awaited wedding festivities are weeks away. It is crunch time and I mean it literally, core crunching time.

Let’s begin

What are your goals?
What are your current eating habits like? Lets clean up your diet and teach you how to cheat without spoiling all your hard work.
How often are you training and what are you doing? Lets get you targeting the right muscles that will have you looking and feeling flawless on your wedding day.

The next 3-months I will be focusing on the summer wedding. This is the perfect time to set realistic goals, change your eating habits and get into a solid fitness routine.

Let’s start with the basics. Create a special wedding health & beauty notebook to keep all your info, goals and results. Create three realistic and achievable goals, one for the end of each month.

(Example 1)

On a separate page, record your chest, waist and hip measurements. Next, take a picture of yourself in your favourite bathing suit and keep it as a visual of where you started. I am not a fan of judging your success by the number on the scale, which is why I prefer body measurements and keeping a picture in your notebook. Take a new picture every month and see the changes.

(Example 2)

Diet can be tricky, every individual is different and every person reacts very differently to diet plans. However, you can’t knock the fundamentals of clean eating. Use your notebook as your diary for the next week to keep track of what you eat and drink – this will help you be mindful of what you consume. In the coming months, I will post some great recipes and helpful tips that got me super lean and beautiful for my big day.

For now follow these THREE crucial rules for the next three months as you are getting lean.
Three meals per day (breakfast, lunch & dinner) with a light snack after each meal. Lots of greens, protein and healthy fat.
NO granulated sugars. Choose an apple instead.
DRINK LOTS OF WATER – Drink eight 8-ounce glasses of water per day.

Allow yourself one cheat meal per week. I repeat, that is a cheat meal not a full day of indulgence.


As for fitness, we want to target your core, arms, back and glutes. Here are FIVE basic exercises you can begin with:
X10 Squat Jump Ups
X10 Push Ups
X10 Bicycle Crunch
X10 Tricep Dips
Plankhold (30 seconds)
(Example 3)

Repeat these 5 times and complete them 4 times per week. Add an addition 30 minutes of cardio to compliment this fat burning quickie.

This is a fabulous starting point and you will surely begin to feel a difference before my next post on a FULL BODY no equipment routine that will positively bring you to your Month 1 goals.

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