How to handle that Unsolicited Marriage Advice

Now that you’re engaged, there’s no shortage of worldly advice from all the married (and unmarried) couples around you. It’s like the engagement ring has some magical power that suddenly turns otherwise normal people into chatty wedding experts. And they don’t stop at just the planning, there will also be those who have some nugget of marriage wisdom they feel compelled to impart. No topic is sacred when folks begin to serenade you with their tips on how to have a happy or successful marriage. They’ll talk religion, money, sex, your in-laws, and of course, they’ll think they really know you… deep in your core.

Some days you’ll feel like slamming your head against the wall to make it all stop. But just smile and nod and move on with your day. It’s your wedding, it’s your marriage, you’ll figure it out together. Try to take the unwanted advice for the good intentions they arrived on. And you never know, you might actually hear something worth listening to. 

If you don’t, well, here’s a few gems we gleaned from the web to lift your spirits in the meantime.


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