Ice Sculpture Fun For Your Wedding

Ice sculptures might be considered a luxury, but the unique and elegant piece of decor can be incorporated into any wedding. And quite frankly, they’re just all kinds of awesome.


Photo Credit: © Jeff Weaver Via flickr

The price of wedding ice sculptures depend on two things: the size and intricacy of the design. There are some small and simple designs that work well for small budget weddings, and, of course, there are large and elaborate ice sculptures that work well for upscale, big-budget affairs. Ice can be completely customized to add a creative flair to centerpieces, or just one massive how-do-you-do statement piece.


Photo Credit: © boscobridalexpos via flickr

Ice sculpture wedding cakes are back on the trending upswing and are a great way to add some icy elegance to your reception. You won’t be able to cut it, although those may make for some fun photos, but it’s a great option for trendy couples who don’t care for the extra calories.


Photo Courtesy of Cool Creations

Ice is also a great feature for the bar. If you’re planning a swanky event, consider an ice sculpture drink luge for extra chill.


Photo Courtesy of BlessThisMessPlease

The type of ice sculpture you get will depend on your venue, your theme, the season, and your budget. These ice sculptures look perfect in any winter wedding, but the ice bar is a big hit with summer weddings as well. Picking the right ice sculpture is about finding what works for you and being creative.

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