LGBTQ Travel to Bali, What You Need to Know

Bali, Indonesia was rated the #1 Honeymoon destination in the world for 2019, but that’s not all good news for LGBTQ couples. While Bali is an understanding and inclusive South East Asian gem, Indonesia as a country has a long way to go before same sex couples can feel 100% comfortable travelling there. 

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The Issue with Indonesia

Same sex relationships are illegal in Indonesia, which means same sex marriage is also illegal. On top of that, there are no anti-discrimination laws, so attacks on LGBTQ persons can go unpunished. 

None of this screams honeymoon so far, but Bali is different. As a major tourist hub, Bali welcomes people of all genders, orientations and cultures. In Bali, LGBTQ couples can actually enjoy a flourishing gay scene, and can stay at one of many gay-friendly hotels, bars, and clubs.

Where to stay in Bali



The best place to stay for LGBTQ honeymooners, and travellers at large, is Seminyak. The city at the southern tip of the island has some of the country’s best entertainment, beautiful beach-front restaurants and best of all, the most gorgeous and affordable private villas. 

While Indonesia at large may not be the most accepting, one of the biggest benefits of travelling to Bali for your honeymoon will be the private villas in Seminyak. It’s truly a once in a lifetime experience that gives you and your partner peace, privacy and relaxation.

Imagine having a private pool and outdoor deck all to yourselves, with room service just a phone call away. While I travelled to Bali, I stayed in my private villa for a whole two days without leaving. It was paradise on Earth and I forgot all my worries and truly enjoyed being alone with my partner. 

Gili Islands

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Another area that is extremely friendly for same sex couples are the Gili Islands. Technically outside the haven of Bali, these three islands are again distinct from the hateful Indonesian culture, and allow visitors of all kinds to feel accepted and included. 

There are no cars on the islands, so you can bike around, take an outdoor yoga class, sign up for a cooking class, watch a movie on the beach, and take scuba diving lessons. While Bali and Gili Islands may both be part of Indonesia, they’re worlds apart and would make an excellent honeymoon for you and you spouse.  


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