Molecular Fusion is a new take on your Regular Wedding Cocktail

The entire experience of a wedding—from engagement to honeymoon—is a momentous occasion. Along the way they’ll be plenty of cocktails, parties and shenanigans.

A wedding cocktail bar enriches the entire celebration and is usually a highlight at the reception where guests can queue-up for tasty treats. (And also take stellar selfies.) Molecular Fusion is a new take on your regular cocktails.


Photo Courtesy of BarChef Toronto

Including a few Molecular cocktails in your reception is a great way to wow guests with modern mixology. Molecular gastronomy has many applications and takes advantage of technical innovations from science. It’s cooking with modern tools. Molecular mixology blends physics and chemistry to revolutionize the tastes and textures of beverages. (Not to mention it delights your senses.)

Canada is home to many gifted cocktailers and molecular fusion caterers. If you want a wedding cocktail that pops, smokes, foams and explodes—a molecular fusion bar is the way to go. Sounds fun, right? Well, maybe you can just try the one that glows in the dark.


Photo Courtesy of on the Danforth


– Catherine Thorpe

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