My Top Three LGBT Honeymoon Resorts

There are so many beautiful resorts around the world to Honeymoon in and will likely have a 10 part series following this post…

The intention of a Honeymoon is for a couple to enjoy eachother in a stress-free environment to start off their marriage on the right path! Couples might do a one or two night getaway, a week or two at a luxury resort or even an extended stay ‘bucket-list’ type of trip, full of adventure and romance!

It’s important to book with a Travel Consultant/Agent that really understands romance travel as it is not a typical ‘getaway’; it’s a special trip that should be extraordinary regardless of how long you go for or where you choose for your sanctuary. Here are my top 5 picks locally and around the Globe to suit every couple’s romantic wishes.


Ste Anne’s Spa – Grafton, Ontario
Situated just 90 minutes East of Toronto, Ste Anne’s Spa is a haven of beauty, relaxation and very romantic! Boasting beautifully manicured gardens, trails, a phenomenal spa complete with a hydrotherapy baths & Eucalyptus Steam room, gorgeous suites, Country style fine dining and just the right amount of privacy to give you a peaceful and rejuvenating honeymoon!

Recommendation: Take advantage of the wellness classes, stop in at their very own bakery and take a hike on the trails!


First off, let me preface this with the fact that Hawaii, in general, is a lover’s paradise. Singling out one resort or one of the Islands would be doing this U.S. State situated in the South-Pacific Ocean will be an injustice. There is something for all tastes on at least one (usually more) of the small Island chains.

Recommendation: Travel to more than one of the small Islands in this Island chain and rent a car to explore them fully and definitely watch the sunset.


One of my favourite customized honeymoons is a Rail Trip through Europe. Europe is absolutely timeless and there are all kinds of customizations that can be made to create something very romantic and special. Fly into London and end in Greece, making stopps into Paris, Nice, Tuscany, Venice and cruising into Corfu!
Recommendation: Pack light! This is an on-the-go trip so carrying too much will get annoying. Eat at a seaside restaurant and definitely make a point of eating the local favourites! Europe is known for it’s culture and food!

Written by: Denise Georgiou-Newell, Professional Wedding & Travel Planner of Weddings Jubilee

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