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Stresses of the city getting you down? Need to escape the smog and crowds? Head just two hours north of Toronto to the Scandinave Spa Blue Mountain, located mere minutes from Collingwood. The Scandinave is open year-round from 10am to 9pm and welcomes guests that are 19 years of age or older.

An LGBT friendly spa, you’ll find your daily stresses melting away as you experience this aquatic paradise. The Scandinave Spa is aptly named since it features a Scandinavian baths experience. Baths have been used as a pathway to relaxation for thousands of years so you can feel confident in the success of this form of hydrotherapy.


In particular, the Scandinave Spa includes a Finnish sauna, a eucalyptus steam room, thermal and Nordic waterfalls, three hot baths, two cold plunges, and several relaxation areas and rooms. This Scandinavian spa experience progresses in three basic stages: body warming, refreshing rinse, and calming relaxation. And the spa is designed in a circular pattern allowing for easy repetition of the three key stages.

The whole spa is hidden within a natural forest, and close by guests will find Georgian Bay, Blue Mountain resort, and the famous Bruce Trail. While the spa does not offer overnight lodgings on site, they have partnered with several B&Bs, lodges, and hotels in the area. Blue Mountain Resort in particular is a great place to stay if you want to add some fun to your relaxing getaway.

Being an eco-friendly spa The Scandinave has made use of several ingenious systems and tools to ensure that you have a guilt-free experience. Two particularly interesting features of the spa include the water system which pulls heat out of the cold plunges and then redistributes that heat into the hot baths (saving valuable energy), and the ozonators which add ozone to the water, reducing the need for chlorine since ozone is a natural purifier.


The Scandinave Spa is also a haven of cleanliness and the water is tested three times daily. That said, guests are advised to bring their own sandals to ensure the pools stay clean. Two towels are provided per guest and while robes are available, guests are allowed to bring their own robes from home as well.

While the heart and soul of The Scandinave is the bath experience, guests will find a bistro on site and several massage therapists who can facilitate your journey to relaxation. Massages offered include, Swedish, hot stone, sports massage, and pregnancy massages. Couples are also invited to book simultaneous Swedish massages.

It should come as no surprise that The Scandinave Spa is a popular destination and it frequently reaches maximum capacity, especially on weekends. Guests are advised to make bookings well in advance (massages in particular) and can book up to three months in  advance although six to eight weeks usually suffices for pre-booking.


Silence is key to the relaxation experience offered at the spa and will be enforced. Guests are able to whisper to each other or talk in low voices but if you are deemed too loud spa employees will seemingly materialize from the bushes and gently ask you to lower your voices.

As well as the on-site bistro, guests can indulge in wine and beer after they have completed their time in the pools. And while no special wedding or honeymoon packages exist, the Scandinave will try to accommodate particular requests to ensure that guests celebrating special occasions have an extra special experience.

The Scandinave Spa Blue Mountain is at its busiest during the spring and summer but having experienced the spa in winter, I can tell you that the snow-covered woods and grounds only add to the serenity of this aquatic sanctuary. To make reservations call 1-877-988-8484.

Pamela Nicholson is a contributing writer to Canada Gay Weddings.

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