Need a Clock Ring for your Wedding Night?

With everyone using their mobile devices for checking the time these days, the good old watch has seen a steady decline in use as a functional item and become more of a decorative piece of jewelry. What happens, though, when you’d like to keep an eye on the time but want to keep your phone tucked away?  Combine aesthetics with functionality! Here are some snazzy, unique ways to wear a timepiece at your wedding.

Pocket watches are a great way to keep a classy timepiece on your person, and to, you know, count the moments that you’re apart. (heh heh) Pocket watches defy gender and will pretty much rock any theme. It does lend an antique vibe and works exceptionally well with retro themes. If you’re wanting something a bit more modern, pick a sleeker timepiece to compliment it.

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Not all watches need to be hidden in your pocket. Traditional wrist watches are definitely making a comeback. And Swatch is back in style!

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If you don’t have any pockets and your wrists are bedazzled with jewels, keep tabs on the clock with a timepiece locket. Not only are they functional, but they also make for beautiful jewelry after the party’s over. With the watch face hidden, you don’t have to worry about it looking like you have a stopwatch around your neck. (Although that might come in handy later for the drinking games.)

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In the same train of thought as the classic wrist watch, you can wear the time around your wrist in something a little more bridal-esque.

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And if none of those are an option for you, consider the clock ring (CLOCK RING!). It makes for a great piece of statement jewelry and you can be rest assured that you’ll probably be the only person wearing one. Check out these sleek new tech-savvy rings.

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